The stage is set, the festival is here!!


Presenting musicians, poets and performers from the Bristol area. 


Weekend ticket: £45, including 3 nights of camping, parking and a free meal. 

Day ticket: £25, including parking (and a free meal if your there on the Saturday)


Spaghetti Warehouse is an acoustic music night held at The Robin Hood pub in Bristol once a month. The event is supported by performers from all over Bristol who play at many different open mics and venues, where there is already a vibrant community of musicians and artists. It is amazing how well these nights have run themselves, and it is because of the community that already exists here in Bristol that the nights at The Robin Hood have been so successful. All we have really done is create a space where it can be expressed.


So... Let's see if we can do something similar but on a slightly bigger scale!


What we aim to achieve here is to get as many of the performers as we can playing on a farm just outside Bristol, and have their wonderful music and words reach as many people as possible! We've aimed to make this an affordable festival, and all profits will be going to the performers. 


So what your £45 ticket will include:


  • Lots of live music and acts over the course of 3 days/nights.

  • Camping on a meadow in a very scenic part of somerset. The campsite will be right next to where the music is, so it is all very contained. Camping available from the Friday to the Monday.

  • Free parking. Up to around 100 spaces. It is also very easy to get there via public transport on the Friday and the Saturday from Bristol or Bath, and we will be providing lifts on the Sunday to Keynsham station, and there will be a board for car shares.

  • A free meal! Spaghetti would be the obvious choice here, but making such a large amount of it just isn't that practical. So instead there will be a curry, with a vegan option available, cooked by Esther Clark (author of the book 'Mexicana!', and deputy editor of BBC Good Food Magazine).

  • A large campfire in the evenings.

  • Wood fired showers in the morning

  • A large BBQ that everyone can use


There won't be a bar but feel free to bring your own booze. In terms of food it will also be just bring your own. As stated above there will be a BBQ everyone can use, and of course the free meal on the Saturday. But for anything else Timsbury village is a short 20-30 minute walk away, and even shorter drive, and there they have plently of restaurants and pubs and an excellent chippie apparently called 'Our Plaice'.


So come and see your summer out with us in the heart of Somerset, enjoy the beautiful countryside and listen to some amazing live music from around Bristol.

Prices: £45 weekend ticket. £25 day ticket. Kids under 13 go free!

Location: Radford Mill Farm, Timsbury (about 30 minutes drive from Bristol, and easy to get to via public transport)

Click here for pictures of the farm and getting there

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